Elfyau's DF v1.3 Outlaw Rogue Macro **Updated 01-April-24**

As stated in other Posts regarding Elfy, he’s away currently, Talents change with each new game update. I would search icy Veins or wowhead for an appropriate build and then double check the macro to see if they will work. I personally use Zygor while levelling and other resources as ive mentioned once i hit 70


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Can’t load talents. Says it’s old code.

It is. Use the picture. Match it with WowHead or IcyVeins.

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Already did. Just letting the poster know.

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its saying that this is out of date. can you please update the talent tree please

Like Elf said in his other threads: WoWHead.

its not showing anything from Elfyau’s

@wturkey please check this post out:

Copy my talents and follow the steps laid out in this post, It should help :slight_smile:


they took away the need for speccing feint and instead make you choose between elusiveness/cheat death. This results in one extra point. I put that point into Shadowrunner (stealth speed). Otherwise this is 1:1 to Elfyau’s original spec in the top of this post.

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tried it no elfy in a +2 freehold… and… for some reason it locks up so i need to cheap shot or something ells to get it rolling again.
ilvl 383
21 crit
30 haste
29 mastery
9 vers
shitty stats but still, forgot, using wh m+ talents, dispatch manual on 5

here is my chart from last boss in FH

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The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

Talents ?
this link has 30 points free ^^

copy and paste into dragonflight talent calculator.


Fixed the talents! Cheers for letting me know!

did a freehold 2 just to see.
this is the council of cap’s fight.

soo lowbie rogue, but still…
ilvl 395 crit: 30%, haste : 11% , mastery: 28% and versa 14%… way off stats…

ill check in when the gear and stats is better … unless the eveything is messed up on wednesday

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Something is not feeling well with this macro , dmg is completly random and wene the SIM for my char is 41k +/- macro is doing 20ish can be 22 or 26 in dummy .

all of Elfs macros are a starting point for players. So it not going to Sim or anything unless he gets lucky when he makes it. you will need to adjust it to your playstyle.

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This macro isnt even good for beginers unforunately it hangs and doesnt do much dps cant even do solo content with it 441 ilvl and does 34k st and 60k aoe Looking forward to testing some edits

can you tell me what your stats are?