Elfyau's DF v1.3 Restoration Druid **Updated 24-May-24**

Hey Elfyau,

First off Thank you for updating the macro and talents. I’m trying to get back into healing a little bit, so working with this macro.

Do you basically start and stop it as needed? Initially hitting the tank and let it cycle through the stopping. and restarting if someone needs a heal or to refresh all of the dots on the tank?

@nukester That is the general idea yeas - but if push comes to shove you can also spam it on a person too

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Hello Elf :slight_smile:

Ive tried your macro and i like it BUT i cant get any mouseover in party frame to work when i heal. Shall it be like this or is it a bug ? If it not gonna be any mouseover how can i do it ?

Keep up the good work :))

Read this post and see if it helps you: Mouseover cast not working on unit frames - Technical Support - World of Warcraft Forums

for some weird reason shit mod isnt working at all even directly on target. i have heal on button 1 and dps on button 2 bind to my logitech mouse. BUT when i put heal macro on 1 and heal macro on 2 its suddenly working. and thats after i reset bindings…

if i go back to heal on 1 and dps on 2… shift mod uses button 2…

I’m getting this warning when importing the heals macro

Additionally, it seems to be creating the macro, but its not showing the GSE list. Any ideas?

Generally with this error, you just need to update your addon via CurseForge or where ever you download them from.

the macro was made for newer version of GSE that you havnt updated to yet.

I have 3.1.65 which is the most recent as far as I can tell

There a newer version that isn’t out for public yet probably. Just ignore the message. It’s not gonna affect if the macro works or not.

the problem is that it seems to not show these macros in the list, so they cant be edited in any way

You may have filled your character-specific macros up. In-game type /m then go to character-specific macros and check you may need to delete a few.

nope, not that either. plenty of space and it is creating the macros there, they just arent showing in the GSE list

I checked the macros on my end and everything is fine I can import no problem. I am a little bit at a loss, I assume you are using it in retail?

please show us pics of what is on your screen. it might help figure out how to help.

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via both the Wago and Curseforge app. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

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This works. Hated playing resto or holy. Now, not so much :wink: And this resto macro works juuuust fine :slight_smile:

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