Elfyau's DF v1.3 Retribution Paladin **Updated 06-Sep-23**

It should work just fine even better if there is a bit of cleave to it. But I haven’t tested it in raids yet, so if you do I would :heart: the feedback :slight_smile:

so switching up talents to

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how is performing with these talents in m+/st ?

So far leveling my Pally to 70, this just deletes everything! One of the great things about it
is the consistent healing and survivability. Looking forward to 70 with this!

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I did any M+7 this weekend.

In ST: 35k+
In MT: 60k+ (When everything procs, in sustained damage, something around 50k.)

I have 375 of ilvl

do you use ob macro? i am far from these numbers and i would like to understand where i go wrong…

Yeah, I made some adjustments to hit for Seraphim more often and burst the CDS together.


is it a problem for you to share your modified macro?

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Great Macro. I made one change that really helped during leveling. For some reason my Paladin is really squishy. So I would fight and then spent time healing up. Kinda frustrating. So I added a new block 3.5 with a Flash of Light in it:
/cast [nochanneling] Flash of Light
Which cut down the healing after each fight and makes leveling a bit more fun.


Any chance you could share ?

Hi thanks for making this macro! Do I want to use the 1 button code or AOE and ST as separate macros?

its up to you. OB you just have to remember to use the Mod key for AoE.

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Does anyone know why when I hold shift or alt it’s not casting said skill? I checked and nothing is bound to them. Can anyone point me to a fix or forum post or anything about this. Thanks

there a lot of articles on WLM about this. just go GSE: Troubleshooting - WoW Lazy Macros and look around.

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Awesome! Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Also for the people having lockup issues, one thing that worked for me:
Check your keybinds, mine had overlapping binds that WoW added in with updates, and it was a conflict of interest…
Cheers and thanks again!

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Dear Elfyau, i downloaded GSE and your macros from Curseforge, then i followed your instructions but nothing is woring. I mean, first of all when i load the macro and i receive the message that is loaded ,i go to my macros and the macros there when i drug them to my bars and click on them with a button or my mouse cursor dont respond at all…do i do something wrong?

Elf’s retribution paladin macro still doing Good comparing to other Retribution macro on here.

It won’t let me import the talent points. Keeps telling me that it’s out of date.

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this macro is out of date talent wise. Elf is out of commission for unknown amount of time in RL issues.

Hope they recover soon from whatever may be ailing them. Love Elf’s macros

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