Elfyau's DF v1.5 Shadow Priest **Updated 16-May-24**

all this macro does is cast shadow word pain over and over and over.
i’ve got the 4 set and 440 ilvl doing 6k dps with it… something is mad wrong…

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i havent had that issue. its working just fine for me so far. reimport it.

Please let us know if you are still having trouble after trying @Siodar suggestion

do you spam/hold a key or use a mouse to run the macro? i hold a mouse button (M5) and so what I’ve done instead of adding mods into the macro is use the keybinds in game, so Shift+M5 would be bound to an action bar slot, drop SW: Death on it, and all I have to do is hold shift until it fires then let go.

@Elfyau i did another run : Fall 11 key

stats on my sp are thinner than a pubic hair on a mosquito
crit: 24, haste: 27, mastery 17, vers: 3
Im doing ( or atleast trying to do) SWD manually

report incoming:
Report: sP test elfy macro | Warcraft Logs
Mythic+ Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s Fall - Kill (16:24) by Stokkdom in sP test elfy macro (wowanalyzer.com)

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nice macro bud, one issue im having is the @cursor line of shadowcrash is working, but not at cursor, seems to be dropping it on @player … not sure why either lol

Check the in-game options under combat and see what the Auto self-cast is set to.

For those with Problems reimport macro and type /reload in chat^^

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Dear elfy this macro rocks you rule bro another banger in the bucket home run macro! GOOD JOB!!!

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I really loves your macro.

But i wonder if you can do 2 seperate macros, one for ST and one for AOE. ( I have a disability)

This macro are that for both raids and m+??

@Atenza as of the moment there is no need for the split macro as the shift literally is for Shadow Crash only, if you are having trouble with the shift function just make a standard wow macro and put it on another button or use the spell manually. My macros lean towards m+ but try to hold ST as high as I can.

Talent is out of date :frowning:

go to Wowhead and import the code, then export/copy the new code.

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The talent string has been fixed/updated and can be found in the original post and via the Curseforge and Wago app. Cheers!

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thanks alot Elfyau your are the best <3

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Hi Elfyau, im new in game and your macros helped me a lot to continue playing, however, I’m playing with shadow prist and ALT or SHIFT aren’t working.

I tried checking the macro settings and couldn’t find it.

make sure your shift and Alt are not bound to something else in the games option/Keybind section. if you are using ElvUi, it also could be causing the issue. if all else. another addon(s) has taken those keys for its uses.

Mine is working just fine. in case that helps.

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Hi, I don’t use ElvUI, I checked the settings, re-imported the macro and Shift and Alt still don’t work, I’m manually casting them when necessary, but I’m curious that other Elfyaus macros that use Shift and Alt work normally, only this one doesn’t :pensive:

might be a another addon that you have that decided it needs the keys for their function. also did you check where i suggested you check to see if the keys are bound to something? :slight_smile:

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via both the Wago and Curseforge app. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

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