Elfyau's DF v1 Beastmaster Hunter Macro

I have a question. Since I am starting off playing my hunter periodically, I wanted to know which of your templates work best in just open world?

Using the template 2 when catching up with groups for the open world invasions seem to work fairly well, but a lot of the time I am solo questing or harvesting. But your templates all see to be for group content.

Suggestion for what I can use solo?

@friedbones if doing dungeons etc solo and you want the pet to be healed just edit the macro and change the dropdown tab for dungeons (config tab while editing) to 1 and save - you can always put it back to 2 when you are finished :slight_smile:

I was asking for open world. Are you saying I should use the dungeon template for that as well? Not planning on doing dungeons often.

Not quite understanding the edit point.

oh for open world it changed automatically :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but still new to GSE. Is there a way to get the macro icons to cycle with each skill?

@PaPaRoach_76 try checking (or unchecking) this option in GSE options:

Elfyau is the best especially when you have limited use of your hands. I used him all last expansion and was able to maintain top 3 or or so in our raids.

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Tried both ways & still not cycling.

like grandmother i am still able to play wow thanks to you and the other guys. i have had 3 stroks which has left my left hand with minimal movement so with out this i would not be able to play wow so thank you


@Oaky your very welcome :smiley: I am glad they help :slight_smile:

What changed automatically?

the tabs when in dungeons, raids etc the macro will use tab 2 - the rest of the time it will use tab 1

Is there a way to stop from auto-targeting enemies? Having issues of pulling stuff after my target dies. It seems to only do it on Key Release, I could be wrong though, but seems that way.

@PaPaRoach_76 you can go in and edit the variables in both tabs and remove the /targetenemy line

Thank you very much!

I still can’t get the Skill icons to cycle with each skill though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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GSE 3.1.22 Patreon Build accepts the macro code, but does not create a macro. I checked macros for all classes/specs, still doesn’t show. The usual message “MACRO_NAME updated” also does not appear after import. The talents shown did spec without problem.

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Please go to Timothy’s github and leave a bug report, as this sounds like a GSE import error and he should know about this. Sorry I cannot help further.

I seem to be doing something wrong. I’ve used previous versions with no issue, but with 3.1.21 I’m able to import the macros but they don’t seem to be doing anything. On first press I see the icon changing from misdirection to binding shot, but no abilities fire off.
Grabbed the latest macro set from both Curse and at the top of the thread, and deleted all my old macros but no luck.
I seem to be unable with any alts/chars. Any setting inside GSE I may be missing?

@Big_Nasty a few people are having this trouble, check this post out and see if it helps: GSE Cycling but not casting

thank you kindly. That worked for me.

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