Elfyau's DF v1 Frost Death Knight Macro

NOTE I have created a plugin for all of my Death Knight macros!! To find the plugins you can go to curseforge or your curse client and search for either “Elfyau” or “GSE” and they should show up in the results.

Freeze, and obliterate - Flowing smoothly, what do you think of the DPS?




Usage Information

v1 Made @250ms
NOTE: Made for and @lvl60 (Prepatch) with continued use results may vary until next update
SHIFT:- for Icebound Fortitude and Lichborne
ALT:- for Anti-Magic Shell

This macro is dedicated to my awesome Patreons <3 (you know who you are) without their continued support these macros would be most unlikely. So a shout out to and my eternal thanks each and every single one of them!

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.21.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged! Remember, the more feedback I have, the more I may be able to improve the macros!

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Will give this a whirl later although i built my DK for Blood/Unholy ill give it a go with 2h and mastery overload xD
Also is this for level 70?

So i gave this a go this evening before i went off after the infamous level grinding of alts :slight_smile:
Macro itself, works fine, nothing wrong with it. Its smooth, doesn’t lock up or freeze and does what it is intended to do!

Frost DK though… So bad… Now bare in mind, I am a lvl 70 DK || 315 ilvl || 13% Crit || 4% Haste || 21% Mastery || 4% Vers… in no way shape or form am i using BiS, its mainly all NM dung gear or campign gear… Using 2h weapon aswell. I played Blood DK to level in Dungeons which was 1000x Spec than frost IMO.

With the extra Talent points I built down to unlock Abomination Limb on DK Tree and build down to Frostwyrms fury on Frost Tree, however insstead of taking FWFury I took the other talent that increases remorseless winters dmg the more it hits targets.

I Ran through Brackenhide hollow and sadly, most of the AoE dmg was from Abomination Limb. Maxing at around 24k dps with all the CD’s lining up. However averaging around 11-13k dps overall when things were on CD.

I do not thing this is a Macro issue, more the fact that Frost is in a Bad place AGAIN at the moment.

But to put into perspective… the dps metre was as follows…

  1. Level 64 Feral Druid… 23k dps… 15.9M total
  2. Level 62 Blood DK… 13.4k dps… 9.2M total
  3. Me, 12.5k dps… 8.6M total
  4. 60 Balance Dudu… 9.3k dps and 6.44M total (i think this guy was learning balance tbf, or was new to wow cos he wasnt casting at a consistant rate)
  5. Pres Evoker Healer… 6.6k dps and 4.5M total.

Obviouisly others will have different outcomes and i would love to see how this works for others.
Sadly, I won’t be picking frost again anytime soon.

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All his macros are initially made for level 60 and will work for leveling. Once he gets all the initial ones out for level 60 and has had some time to play and whatnot he will usually go back and optimize for max level.

In the meantime I usually just pick passives on the skill trees when I unlock skill points 60-70.


that’s what I’ve been doing too haha


My 1st reply has been updated with a review.
Hope it helps :smiley:

Patiently waiting for UH Macro :smiley:

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