Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.1 Destruction Warlock Macro

Ok, I changed my talents to reflect 1112121, then imported this macro. But, for some reason its not working for me. So I took a look at the macro in Bliz’s macro setup in game and noticed it shows left button, center button, right button…but why?

I do not use my mouse to fire off any of my talents, I only use my mouse for movement and targeting, etc.

Is this why its not working for me? I much prefer to have these setup to use the talent/skill choice not a specific mouse button because its not effective for me. I also much prefer no modifiers…again, not easy for me to use modifiers. It would be easier just to place the skills in sequence on my hot bar and go that way if this macro will not work.

I really would appreciate something simpler without all the acrobatics I would have to “remember” to do with my mouse or modifier keys.

Can anyone help me please?

you need to drag the macro from GSE to your action bar then click/spam that button

I did drag it to my bar, but nothing happened. I do not use modifiers so I looked into the info inside the setup and saw it showing button +numbers after them and it appeared to be related to buttons on a mouse with multiple buttons for setup.

I do not use a mouse with buttons for combat, only movement and targeting so if its been designed to work on a mouse with multiple buttons to press, it won’t work for me.

did you click the button on the actionbar where you dragged the macro too?

Yes I did. I put the macro on my keyboard number 1 key, but for some reason it fails. I see a stutter and occasionally, one instant skill would cast then another period of stuttering, etc. It seems the macro is looking for a key number that I do not have…? My son used a mouse years ago with 3 rows of 3 buttons each row. He has a disability so it was very easy for him to keybind skills to each of those buttons and play.

I do not have such a mouse. But when I opened up the macro in the in-game macro Bliz has available, I see those key setup for [button 2], etc, which indicates that the macro might be looking for key number 2 (or which ever button number is setup).

Also, because the macro has modifiers for rain of fire and the summon infernal, those never happened because I do not use modifiers. I have those on separate keys one right after the other in order to get them out there basically together (they both provide target radicals on the ground so I can place them where I want them, instead of at cursor which throws everything off to the side or on top of me).

I’m sorry to trouble you but its hard for me to find things that work like I had in Legion and BfA. Those macros no longer work because of the changes to the game and specs.

this is weird, cuz i have all my macros to the #1 button on my Keyboard, and havnt had any issues. GSE, doesnt auto do mouse (far as i know). that is a “You have to assign it to the mouse” thing.

Why do you keep opening it in the Blizz in game macro section? open the macro in the GSE editor. that might be where you can see the issue.

i really interested in this issue and gonna keep eye on it.

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Are you (in-game) opening gse? /gs or /gse then dragging the question mark next to the macro you want to the actionbar?

Yes in game I use the /gse to drag the ? for the macro to my hotkey on my bar. I also can actually click edit to take a look at the macro elements. But what’s interesting is when you import a macro to gse, there is a macro sequence written into the bliz macro setup as well. So you can see both.

So take a look at the macros in the Bliz macro setup and you will see your gse macro setups there too. But for some reason I cannot edit out any thing in the gse macro like the “use alt” or “use shift” modifiers.

I am really having a hard time with these and I have no idea why. The gse macros I used in Legion and BfA, I was able to easily edit out elements I did not want to have there like those and just place the skill on a separate button, and the macro still worked great.

I can’t seem to get that same effect with current gse in Shadowlands. I scroll through the gse macro elements and can’t see where I can edit. Are there elements of the macro framework that are hidden?

I have edited out the modifiers in the bottom two macros

The macros at the top of this page? I still see modifiers listed and the latest update is marked Updated 27-Jan-21. Is there a link I am missing to access your adjusted macros?

The split macros (the AOE and ST) only have one modifier which you don’t have to use, it only summons the Infernal, which you can do manually. You don’t have to use the modifier - therefore no need to remove it :slight_smile:

Thank you, I appreciate your efforts on this. I’ll report back after I use it to let you know how I fare.

Just got an error message that you may want to see.

error message

it is ok, it is because GSE has updated since I made the macro, it will work and now that you have loaded it you shouldn’t see that message again.

Ok, thanks. Appreciate your help.

Just an fyi / advice on correct spell rotation for Destro:

Corruption is not used / should not be used in any of our ability or spell rotations. It is a waste of a GCD with its current numbers tuning. You may want to adjust your macro accordingly; otherwise it’s great & does nice dps. I pull 5-7k with it in Heroic Nath at 212 item-level.

Just friendly info. /hugs


Cheers for the feedback!! I will have a look at that during the next update! <3

Fried I always check the WOW Macro after I download the GS macro. Just delete all the button rubbish
Then it should read /click Destruction Warlock Macro ( or the exact name of the GS macro)

I thought I removed all the Corruption from the macro but It’s still using it :sweat_smile:
I guess too complicated for my small brain. Waiting for update <3
GJ on macro as always eitherway :3

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Macro updated. The new macro is in the original post. Cheers :boom: