Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.1 Feral Druid Macro **Updated 10-Oct-21**

Thanks for the macro OP, do you use some heal kind of macro to switch back and forth?

Nah I usually just stay in feral lol

I keep getting periodic “you are not in the correct specialization” errors, and after 15-seconds the macro just stops entirely with no error or notice.

what level is your toon?

How are you leaving prowl form with this macro mate, holding it down going near mobs seems to take a while

usually by attacking the mob, tends to take longer open world. I usually do this in dungeons.

Sorry noob here,

I have gnome sequencer set up with the macro and I’m using a repeating loop macro on my keyboard at the suggested speed of 50ms. Its working pretty good but I do not understand the “key release” or the separate parts of the macro listed. Does this macro behave different if I set it up a different way? I want to maximize the experience and I feel like I’m definitely missing out some extra steps here. Some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for creating the macro.

The macro will perform all of the steps within each of those boxes at their designated times. To get more in-depth there are tonnes of explainer posts. Just search for what you need to know :slight_smile:

I appreciate the response but what I mean is I noticed when you hold the key down it does the combo, and when you simply press it, it does something entirely different. I do not understand how to perform a key release. Also is that all the functions? I noticed when I used the continuous combo it just kept reapplying rake over and over. Is this the way it is supposed to function to gather enough combo to use primal wrath?

Thank you

P.S. A link to what you are refering to in regards to in depth explanations would be greatly appreciated.

what are you using to press your key/keys?

I use the mouse wheel up “aoe” down “single target”

hi,i m new in wow, and i use this gse, how do you setup mouse wheel up for aoe and single target? how can i use both? i dont really understand how can i use them.


I use two separate macros and drag them on the bar at the bottom of the screen and then assign a button in the game settings, in this case the mouse wheel up and down



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I have a corsair keyboard with a macro loop at 50 ms set to the key “n” for this macro. I hold it and it works fine, I was just confused on the shift/alt, and key release options. I believe I am doing it correctly now; what I do is hold shift and N to change to AOE as you wrote. I just did not understand how this worked but I think I finally get it. I love the macro and use it alot for pve. I wish you had a brutal slash setup just like this for pvp. I appreciate your time, after messing with it I finally get it I think lol. Again amazing work thanks alot. I’m a manual player but when the shit hits the fan and I get flustered I switch to this baby and I love it.

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which spells should be in action bar, its a order?

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i did like this,and how to use that ones,??
i press 1 and 2 in the same time?

so chuppa the single target macro you shared. Is that all you use or do you use finishers while it rotates? Like obviously gnome sequencer cant tell when to properly use a finisher right?

I also don’t know how it works and if I’m doing it correctly. I spin the mouse wheel and it hits and it will crash sometimes

yea same I think I’m using these macros right but my dps is trash. Having a hard time over here haha.

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