Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.2.5 Blood Death Knight Macro **Updated 6-Jun-22**

I think it should be 0.25 - if I recall the razor is setup in seconds

Yes it is in Seconds, tks a lot 0.25 it is XD

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Hello Elfyau,

Actually, i’ve been a huge fan of GSE since Legion and now i’m just getting into BDK things.

I found out that there is ALOT of BDK macros in here but yet NONE of them showing ANY DETAILS reports screenshot after XX Sec of using.

SO It’s kinda hard to “gadge” ourself and figure out if something is working well or not when a creator is claiming HIS MACRO is great or not.

What i’m mainly looking for here is for a macro that will put HEART STRIKE on top of my damage meter as well as keeping that nice 30-60s rotation going with Shackle the unworthy and Dancing rune weapon. Keeping it on a roll with blood boil, death strike and whatever needs to be in there…

People are never clear enought it seems…

When it comes to comparing a macro to another, we’d like to know the different parameters around it:

  • iLvl of current character

  • Spec / Talents / Stats

  • Screenshot of DETAILED [Details] after 60/120/300s

  • In game MS used on mouse autoclick

  • And such…

To me, all the macros im trying for BDK doesnt seem to work since my HEARTSTRIKE is never on top of the damage done of the rotation. I need to figure out why it is like this and if i am the only one in this situation.

Can somebody help me out with this please because i really think i could do more than im actually doing and seeing my melee autoattacks ABOVE heart strike brang me here to post this and get help to get it to work.

Please, also… is this DETAILS ok ?
Becasue i feel like it’s WRONG af…


its a basic rotation being used i find if you pay attention you can use your spells yourself on certain things i spam DS and Heart when i need to and i do fine. i would suggest you take it to gambit area and test it before you make posts, just play around with it to how you like it, the author makes them how they like not how you like it, so you gotta adapt it to your playstyle

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I edited the macro to replace all death strikes to be cast with MarrowRend instead to ensure the max amount of bonearmor charges , i attached Deathstrike to a Ctrl modifier so you have more control over when you need to heal, great macro though!

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