Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.2.7 Demonology Warlock Macro **Updated 12-Sep-22**

@Nferia awesome!! Let me know how you go!! (Happy Birthday!!)


Good macro…I’m doing some mods to it to include curses. Did you change your tier one talent as you have “2” but use the 3rd talent? I do like the 3rd talent (Demonic Strength)

Macro has been updated. The new macro is in the original post. Cheers :japanese_goblin:

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Still trying to troubleshoot, but it seems that this macro somehow turns on debug chat messages even though they are disabled at the addon level.

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Wierd, I’ll have a look. But it’s not doing it for me. Cannot guarantee I can do much, but we will see :smiley:

Habe da mal eine frage wie kann ich die ms ändern mein hexer läuft auf 70ms.ahk

Bitte schau dir diesen Beitrag an: What is MS and how can I change it? Answered (With working AHK script you can use with Modifiers) er könnte dich auf den richtigen Weg bringen, um dein Problem zu lösen :slight_smile: Prost

Love the macros Elfy, but this one seems to cast shadowbolts too much.

Do you play on the PTR? I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos pertaining to patch 9.2 and they say th at Demonology is going to be the best warlock spec to play. However, they’re going to require new covenants and legendaries. They say that Necrolord is going to be the best covenant, and the covenant legendary, along with Wraps of the Balespider (memory from one of the bosses in Castle Nathria) will be used. Will you be updating your macro to use the new rotation? I was watching a video showing Demonbolt crits of 80k+ with the new build (Succubus build). It was really crazy.

hii can you make this for new patch.? not all me spells going,

Please go to Elfyau's Discord, Elf will probably answer you faster there, since he is working on his macro and RL stuff.


The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think! Cheers! :imp:


what cov do u use for this macro

which ever one you want. Elf doesnt do his macros to a specific coven. Wowhead says NF or Necro.

ty very much for that info

Any update for the new gse ?

coming soon - watch this space :stuck_out_tongue:

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<3 awesome hopefully works for level 40>60

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what command do I put to use demonbolt only when [Demonic Core] is active?
Has as?

You cannot do this using GSE.