Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.2.7 Restoration Shaman Macro **Updated 02-Sep-22**

hey man, your macros are king and i use your all dps macros for my healers as i can focus on healing better. Im trying to get flame shock to cast instantly on target swap and wanting to slip blood fury somewhere in there. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


Hi there Elfyau, I have a resto shaman that I’m going to be working on to do raid heals in preparation for the next patch so that I can raid heal effectively. So practicing starts tomorrow for me.

I use /gse and some lazy macros for my Ele spec and do fairly well now that I am better geared and have improved my legendaries. I have a resto legendary but its not maxed yet, and today I managed to obtain the Seeds memory for the covenant legendary. I already have the Primal Tidal Core so waiting on more soul cinders to do my next legendary.

But in the meantime I am searching for something to help out my relearning process for resto healing and thought to see how well the lazymacro will work.

With that said, I use Healium addon for heals as it makes it really easy to pinpoint who needs what without the problem of losing a mouse over connection in the heat of the fighting. Or even worse, have it go off but not hit the person I wanted to target.

does this work on heal bot etc like you did the druid?

@Commandoslippy to be honest I am not sure as I just mouseover for heals with the macro, But I don’t see why it wouldn’t work :slight_smile:


Hey yeah I fixed it due to not being max level one of the spells was preventing it.

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Would love to see a new update on this for 9.2 :slight_smile:


it will at some point, Elf is working on a few others, in his order, no idea where this is in that list atm.


The macro has now been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think! Cheers! :cloud_with_rain:

im having trouble were i hold the right click on mouse to move with arrow keys on all toon but this one one i hold my rightclick and spam my key dps/heals my char spins in a circle

@robadabobada check your trinkets, one of them is most likely used at the target location. If so edit the macro and uncheck the offending trinket, or change it for a passive or on-use trinket.

swet i’ll give that ago

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers :cloud_with_rain:

Idk it just isnt working for me at all. Tried copying it doesnt work. Tried via curseforge addons it still dont work…

How is it not working? is it not importing? not creating a new icon? not able to be dragged to the bar?

First i had issue importing it, then after i imported it it does nothing even when spammed with AHK. Everything set up correctly on my side other macros work just fine.

I just installed macro and it works flawless so its nothing wrong with the Macro.
Best regards

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idk still not working for me … shame all other macros work fine tho

A couple of things you can try are:

Go in-game and type /m check if your character-specific macros are full. Delete some old ones if it is.
Re-import the macro
Delete the macros Icon and create a new one for it.
Double-check to make sure you have the talents set out in the macro.

I dont think its that, i think its some addons arent agreeing with GSE. I know how gse works dont worry no need to tell me how to do it been using it for ages…