Elfyau's One button Surv Hunter

pretty easy to use plug and play really, though for dungeons set focus to tank :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to a request i was able to make it slightly better and clean up the code, thanks philoo


P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/elfyau All the toons you see use GSE!!!


hey i just imported your macro and the id is set to Beast Mastery… might want to fix it lol… keep up the great work on your macros. they are the best

Fixed!! Cheers for that, I have no idea how that happened :frowning: Hopefully doesn’t happen again lol

its all good. So when are you going to make some macros for the last 2 classes (Mage and shaman) i have been using most of you macros and they work great

What kind of Shammy and Mage were you thinking of?

mage Arcane/frost, shaman both dps… not sure been having allot of trouble with them

I have an Enhancment Shammy ENHANCE Shaman True Lazy One Button and I am working the kinks on an Arcane mage atm

What MS do you use with this macro?

Please disregard my post. I figured it out myself. Started out at 50MS and was doing about 2.5k dps. Switched it out to 100MS and was getting around 3.5k-4k dps. At lvl 114.

All good I usually use 70ms myself but it all depends on your system, internet ping etc etc

Bonjour, je suis français et ravis de tes macros, je te complimente de ton travaille.
serait il possible que tu me fasse la mĂŞme macro avec Morsure de Mangouste stp.

La macro devrait fonctionner correctement si vous Ă©changez les talents que vous souhaitez. Sinon, laissez-moi savoir et je verrai ce que je peux faire.

non justement, j’ai déjà essayé…
La macro décroche a un moment et le personnage ne fait rien.
Pas aussi fluide que celle mise présenté.

J’ai réédité le message original, la macro que j’ai créée tient compte de vos talents, essayez-la et laissez-moi savoir comment ça se passe :slight_smile:

Merci bro, je test ce soir.
Merci énormément de ton dévouement et ta rapidité. Je te donnerai les rapports. Nm.hm palais.

sorry i am kinda new to GS but what is MS like 50ms or 100ms i put the macro on my scroll wheel should i change something to make it better?

Check this post out to answer your question about MS: What is MS how to change?

If you don’t have any keyboard or mouse software to change this you could try this:

your best bet then would be to download and install auto hot key from here: https://www.autohotkey.com

Once installed right click anywhere on your desktop and click new then Autohotkey Script. Once its open delete everything inside and put this code in:

#IfWinActive World of Warcraft
GetKeyState, state, 3, P
if state = D

Send {3}
Sleep, 70

Change all the 3’s to what ever key you have your macro on. the line with sleep is your MS so in this case 70. Save it to something you will remember. Right click that file and click run - go into game and hold key it should now work.

i have a razer keyboard and mouse and have the razer central thing but i dont know where to go to change anything

Try checking this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpjxG7RWjxg

Is this casting growl in the rotation? I don’t see it in the config to edit it, but my pet certainly is casting growl even with auto-cast turned off.