ENHANCE Shaman True Lazy One Button

Thanks for the Macro, but can you add the Essense to the macro also ?
I want to add to the rotation this [Concentrated Flame] any one for enhancement shaman have it in the macro ? my talent is 3221112.
Also I need macro for my buffs to be up at that talent . I think i will have earth shield with lighting shield and water walk …any other buff ? i want all the buffs in single macro

Adding the Heart talent is easy enough just put:
/cast [@target,nochanneling] Concentrated Flame
into the premacro section. the other buffs are not so easy because of the loose nature of earth shield, the long duration of lightening shield and the as needed nature of water walking

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Thanks for the help alot, my talent is 100% same yours and my macro is build on it…so my gear is optimize on it. … now I want to know what key binding you have please ?? and other micro . can i have screen shot of your interface and icons setup ?

I use Elvui for my interface and I use the same profile across all of my toons no matter what spec they are.

My Elvui profile:


As for keybinds nothing is set in stone I have trouble using my hands so alot of what I use is mousebound. My suggestion is to place thing in easy reach for you and move them as you find out what you use more or less of

Thanks alot. I have same your problem with hands don’t want to move alot …

can you make this macros ?

1st macro for buffs
2nd macro for burst with cooldowns before useing the single target macro
3rd macro single target highest dps
4th macro for dispels
5th heals

thanks again

Is there a way to add “Frostbrand” as a part of the sequence tracking its buff? Meaning that i want to have the same effect as “Flametongue” and resetting 2-3 seconds before expires? Tried modify this one with /castsequence Frostbrand, Crash Lightning, but executes it a way too late. In addition i’ve noticed that the sequence skips a lot of free Stormstrikes. Thanks in advance!

I haven’t done much with this macro for a long time but am getting another toon to start working on it again to help out all with questions about this macro



I am your fan, I come from China.
Come on! More updates!

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Thank you! I will do my best lukeoyo !!

Yeah Elfyau … make us happy with new high dps 1 button macro with good talent … I am waiting your reply daily and checking your reply every 1 hour … happy to see you replying.

Thanks Elfyau

Biggest problem that I am facing at this point in time is the lack of toons I do not have a Shaman to make a maco with (I have one but it’s a dedicated Resto Shaman for my guilds core mythic key group) I don’t at the have the time to level another shaman and nor do I have the money to boost one. I will try getting another shaman as soon as I am able because I have had a few requests for both the Enhance and Ele shaman’s. Sadly at this point there is no time frame on this.

Just chiming in here to say that you, sir, Elfy, do a great job on here as one of the more active macro creators. Please don’t feel pressured to make more of them or to keep people ‘happy.’ You’ve created a ton of macros already and people should feel grateful to have them. Thanks for your efforts.


Thank you for saying so!! It truly is appreciated, I am just trying my best and look forward to seeing people enjoy both my previous macros and in the future new ones!! Thanks again thx10050!

Hi again Elfyau, I want to ask you about the macro, how much the delay time ? I am using Red Dragon Gamming Essentials S101-BA keyboard and mouse. So I am trying to fix the macro and keys ( my first time doing this on mouse and keyboard ).
how much the delay for mouse repeat 20ms or 70ms …or what ?

I use 70ms myself so would suggest starting there and adjusting if necessary.

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Thanks for the fast reply, my other question is when I check my dps in your macro using ask mr robot site for simulation is say 29k normal max 34k… but when I do testing in game and over dummy it give me 16-19k …max 22-23k only …why ?

When running mrrobot do you set the sim to target dummy? Also remember a sim is perfect always getting timing right, no ping, no problems with net, no movement affixes etc etc

Hi i don’t know what i do rong but i can’t import this macro.

Sadly it hangs up for me, right in the very first attempt through the rotation. :frowning:
I do have a question though: you say start at 70ms and adjust from there. what’s the best way to adjust? try 80ms, and then 60ms and just keep beating on the same training dummy to see which maximises the dps? or is there an established method to find the best ms?

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No better method than what you suggested.

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