Evoker Devastation - Seek And Destroy 10.0.02 - LEVELING 61 - 70

To be clear:
Please read carefully. I am referring to the talent trees here, not the GSE macros (of which you can create as many as you like, and if you use them to fill your entire action bar).

In this guide, you’ve tied two different talent tree builds to three GSE macros:
One to SHAT_STAR and the other talent build to DEV_SINGLE & DEV_AOE. If SHAT_STAR is to be used together in alternation with either of the other two macros, your guide logically also refers to a second talent tree, at the same time → not possible.

If it’s really possible to use two saved talent builds (talent trees, NOT the GSE macros) at the same time, please enlighten us.


gonna assume your joking, but dang dude might want to be careful about the language. dont want you booted from the forums.

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Talents still sayin outta date when I try to copy/paste <3

i have problem were it goes to cast flame breath but doesn’t everytime with v2 of the macro do I still have to pause and also with this macro is it back to import all 4 it only have single and AOE on bar to spam or is it the 1-2 thing.
One more question does the camera do weird stuff like delay when turning for anyone else?