F1 Tank, Bear mode engaged, tangos down

Not a lot of Guardian Druid play time, wrote this for my wife to use when she started to transition from balance. It seems to have been working fine so far but its only been used in keys as high as +4. More testing and feedback would be great. Enjoy.

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Simple Bear Macro. Mainly used for leveling or alt spec for wq’s etc. Has been used in low level M+ keys with success.

Level 45 talent can be of your choice.

Frenzied regen modded to the [Shift] key, just hold that down whenever you want it to trigger, provided its not on cd and you have enough rage, otherwise the macro will use Ironfur.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.25.

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Huge macro, i tanked with a 425 druid with moonkin gear a underrot 10.
Macro works fine for me.

Awesome! Thats what i like to hear. lol

I’m loving this one, did 2 mobs in vision with no problems !

So i have been looking for a macro to tank with when i get bored of healing, I tried this today in a couple M0 seems to do fine. What do you run this at?

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