Fire Mage (Cata) 14/5/24 Last update

HI Team,
Please see my fire mage macro below! Please note that the first macro you can put into your macro container by doing /macro and making a new one manually.

Single target:
/cast [mod:ctrl] Living Bomb
/use [mod:shift] 10
/cast [mod:shift] Berserking
/cast [mod:alt] Pyroblast; Fireball
/cqs [mod:shift]
/cast [mod:shift] Combustion

Aoe macro (Wip): This is a work in progress - make sure you have Fire Blast somewhere within reach to spread any aoe.



Talents: Wrath CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.69.

Due to limited play time these are what i’ve made to use. Please note if your not a troll mage then remove racial.

Suggested things:


Prebis: Link may not work as there was no option to share.

Weak aura:


Happy Blasting!

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hyped to give this a blast! how do your talents look? or dose that no matter?

I’ll put my prebis list in with talents tonight.

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legend buddy thank you

having a blast using this in pvp so far its working great thank you :smiley:

Spec has been added to the main post.

Glad to hear that your having a blast :).