Focused Rage Arms 3 Button GS-E Legion

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Short unedited video to show you guys the macro in action: Focused Rage Arms Warrior

Have you thought about making a 3rd single target macro to use only when BC is up? A few of the places I’ve been reading (wow subreddit and wow forums) other warriors are saying they spam hamstring during BC to get more procs. Also, what mouse are you using? [/quote]

The 2nd macro is used during Battle Cry, I see no point in spamming Hamstring, since with these talents your moves don’t cost Rage during Battle Cry. Thus it only makes sense for it to spam your damaging abilities. Ie: Mortal Strike / Slam.

I’m using a Razer Deathadder Chroma.

Gotcha, I went out and bought a G600 and will try it soon. I appreciate your response!

Hey Beldamn,

I finally got to test it… I copied your macro verbatim and set the ms to 90 (my in game ms is around 75-80) but still get roughly 170k DPS. Any suggestions on what I should do?

I actually noticed that with the slam macro, it will prioritize slam over MS once or twice.

not very good when i tried it.

macro doesnt work. doesnt let me even get 3 stacks of FR on 1st macro

Have you considered spamming hamstring with BC to reduce its CD? thnaks for the macro pal