Frost DPS Macros with Cold Heart 8.0.1 by MMA

i play my Frost DK with the following talents:

The goal is to maintain the breath a long as possible, i use 2 macros for this, the first is used when the breath in on cooldown. About 10 seconds before the cd is ready i switch to the second macro and wait until the runic power is full and manually use the breath. When its over i switch back to the first macro.

First macro when breath is off cooldown:


The is the secons macro to get runic power and hit breath when its full:


You can press alt when you have 20 stacks of cold heart, it can take a moment until it is used.

If you have improvements, please let me know.

Killer macros bro! Nice work.

why cant i read the new macros for
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for assistance in importing macros, please check the discord channel, they can help you with the issue.

This is the new format for the macro’s. To see the actual abilities, copy and import into GSSE.

OK, was confused because in macros you had listed talents as 1213111!

I don’t understand how you understand that the breath is done. There doesn’t’t seem to be a clear indication.

Just trying out DK and am totally confused.

EDIT: OK, using weakauras and get a clear indication what is happening :slight_smile:

The talents in the macros are wrong, need to correct them next time.

At least you need 2 weakauras to have a clear picture when you need to build up runic power and when you need to use chains of ice.

One is for the cold heart amount, there are two different at the moment but you can use the old one because they both stack at the same amount

Second is for the cooldown for breath of sindragosa, you need to switch the macro abnout 10 seconds before the cooldown is ready to have full runic power to fire off.

you can get a bit more rnic power when you use the magic shield in case you get damage in that time the breath is up and running

Isn’t this your macro? So what talents are you using for this?

[quote quote=60938]Hi,
i play my Frost DK with the following talents:

Hi, as written in the first post, this are my talents.

Sorry, your reply to Glognar1 confused me. Thank you for the clarification.

when I activate BoS and switch back to the breath builder macro, it cancels the BoS, any ideas?


no when you start a fight, you start with the second macro that is building up runic power. then wait until you are full and then use breath until it is over. then switch to the first macro until breath is ready again.

the first macro is using froststrike which is using runic power, that is why your breath has stopped.

also do not click several times on breath or it will end

Amazing macros! Great work :slight_smile: Simming 2.5k at 191 and pulling 2.3k. Thanks for writing these!