Frost Dw *GS*

glad your enjoying the macro

thank you for the feed back

Interesting Macro, though it has a major issue for me as it hangs on UH runes
waiting for a death rune or a frost rune to free up if DnD /Defile is on CD also.
mainly in raids less of an issue in 5 mans

For now I added “/cast [mod:alt] Plague Strike” to keep the flow going and maintain DPS
so i can keep the macro rolling and tap alt to get a PS off to spend the rune.

The other thing is comparing it to what i also used in the past
you macros are great for multi mobs, but come to a single target boss fight it falls behind. not sure why though at this stage

currently 725 running Heroic HFC.

Do i need to be Level 100 to use this macro? or i can use it while leveling? Level 75 ATM.

yes you can be lower level, sometimes they feel less optimal due to lacking some abilities or talents but still works fine

/castsequence Horn of Winter, null

Put that in the pre or post Macro section haven’t tested it though


Thanks for the great macro, working well for me.

Do you play Blood spec any? I have found myself standing in as tank lately and where your frost macro has fit to my play style, wondered if you do anything for tank.

thanks again.

I am completely new to using GS, I downloaded it and input this macro into.

It seems to work fine, I just wanted to know are there other damage abilities I need to be using during this?
Also if I were to want to set up a macro from my gaming moose or keypad what is the delay I should I place on it to keep this running as it should.

Thanks for any feedback its greatly appreciated.

sorry for late reply for everyones post. not been to well.


im using g600 mouse at 125ms


i do have a blood spec that i posted in the blood dk Blood Pve *GS* - Patch 6.0+ - WoW Lazy Macros

Is anyone having any issues with using the FKD1 macro listed above?

After downtime today it no longer is working for me?


why isn’t outbreak in the rotation?


Also is this rotation still up to date?


macro still works fine. no need for outbreak to be in there

is there something that i need to change to use this macro ? , i have a ton of macros for GS for my other toons but i cant seem to get this to work at all , press the button in game does 0 , ive tried moving the whole thing to the front and rear of GS with no luck

Thanks very much for these macros. I used them to level both of my DKs. The macros work extremely well. I use autohotkey, keep Death Coil, Death Strike and interrupts handy. This way I can comfortably pull everything in a 3-mile radius. Questing is a breeze. For anyone interested. I was routinely top DPS in dungeons while leveling and still managed to out-DPS ‘geared’ players in my heirlooms upon dinging 100. I even ran around Ashran for a few hours to gear up and the damage was insane. Awesome results with your macro. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

thanks for your efforts Mike!

[quote quote=28078]macro still works fine. no need for outbreak to be in there


bro do you think u could make one for pvp? i do insane dps in mythic dung and even hfc N or HC with your macro but only on pve, i found other pvp macro here but isnt good as yours is

hi i done evrething… but its make nothings… i try evrything… nothing work… my first macro ever …