FURYWAVE 8.3 (updated)

what MS speed do you run your macros at… glad to see your back with some great macros

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Right now I am using 70 ms. However you can probably take it lower if your network speed and game lag allow it.

When i have world latenz in wow 24ms and base also than i can take 24ms is that right ?

I always recommend testing this yourself. Every pc is different. Even high end laptops might have issues. Just test it out in either 10-25 ms intervals

At last. A Fury macro that actually works well. Thank you so much for your effort, mate.

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this is amazing. i edited it because my focused azerite beam was cancelling early. but i actually get above sims on the target dummy some how. Going to test in LFR and ill put results up

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I noticed that the ctrl modifier isn’t working. Any tips?

Does it work for other macros or is it not working at all?

Check out this link and my post in there.

Ctrl modifiers work with other macros just not this one

That is so odd. Check the macro to see that it was typed properly into the mod section via the import.

why do i keep getting a question mark in the rotaion?

Maybe its a mistranslated spell. Take a picture of the macro sequence and post it here

it was Intercept in the first line of sequence. Intercept are for prot… correct line will be :
/castsequence [nochanneling] Charge, Charge, Whirlwind
or not… not sure whats going on

Ill do a reupload. Probably made a mistake. Give me a day

i found something : in Keypress /targtenemy [noharm]
, and in the sequence:
/castsequence [nochanneling] Intercept, Intercept

but still it hang

Thanks. Ill add that for the review for tomorrows update

Furywave 3.1.20 Update Added

Skill cannot be cast correctly after update

I have different talents for everything. Are you using the right talents? Or maybe try deleting the original and re uploading the new one. The only other thing I can think of is that your import may be wrongly translating the language.

The translation is correct, but it just doesn’t run skills

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