FYI: GSE Macros named WW crash GSE

This is one of those things that I am working on but posting about a work around in the interim. If you name a macro ‘WW’ it currently crashes Monk GSE Macros. This is capital WW and WW on its own. Naming a macro ww is so far fine as is WWX etc.

Something new in WOW’s API has added an object called WW. When GSE tries to create a button called WW for you to interact with it hangs. I will updated this as I know more but the GitHub thread to follow this is located at:

Short Term Solution: If you have this open the GSE.lua file in WTF\AccountName\YOURACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\GSE.lua and look for [‘WW’] and change it to [‘WW2’] or something else.