FYI Re Macroing Demon's Bite

There is a vengeance talent called Demon Blades on the second row that changes Demon’s Bite to a passive. What is means for macros is that if you activate that talent and have Demon’s Bite in your macro it will change to Demon Blades and do nothing everytime you get there. If this is in a cast sequence this will hang the sequence.

I cant code around this but you can put the following in instead of Demon’s Bite:

/cast [talent:2/3] Chaos Strike; Demon's Bite

/castsequence spell1, spell2, [talent:2/3] Chaos Strike; Demon's Bite, spell3

This does not appear to work for me.

am i missing a : ? Yeah i am - apologies

try /cast [talent:2/3] Chaos Strike; Demon's Bite

I didn’t catch it either. Thanks for the fix. This does indeed work, but for those using it I’ve noticed a small delay ability usage.

You mean Havoc spec right >>?

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alternatively yuou can do [notalent:2/3]Demon's Bite

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