Gaupanda - BM Hunter Mythic Zero Build Level 70 Update 12/4/22


Mend pet for leveling… you lose dps if you include it in the rotation

Hi Gau,

This I understand. I’ve noticed since the last hunter hotfixes/nerfs that my pets are taking substantially more damage in solo content, so I added it.

I’m not very happy with the current state of our talents and leech. Things seem Squishier over the past few weeks. I think we are in for a rude awakening in DF. It will be tough.

If used with a software like icue/synapse, which speed has to be set?

I would recommend find your own speed, start from 250ms down the line…


I have the corsair keyboard with ique. This runs good at 300ms

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is it possible to make this one button macro? like shift if i want it to do aoe multishot?

Yes, just add the following to Keypress. I added 2 other very important things for hunters.

/cast [mod:shift] Multi-Shot
/cast [mod:ctrl,@pet] Mend Pet
/cast [mod:alt,@player] Spirit Mend

thank you for the tip :slight_smile:


You can do the way that @nukester showed it below or you can replace the last line with this:

I tend to use Mod for mine PVP talent skill Only .




Ez damage 304(311 weapon) ilvl great macro keep up the good work.

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ich habe versucht “/cast [mod:ctrl, @pet ] Pet heilen” in das Makro einzubauen.
Wenn ich die Taste drücke passiert nichts und die Pets laufen zu mir.
Lass ich die Taste los ,greifen sie weiter an.
Was habe ich falsch eingestellt.
Bitte um hilfe

replace this with the line that has cobrashot only or with arcane torent ?

The line with Cobra Shot

Thanks for the update.

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No Problem Mate… anytime :slight_smile:

the AOE macro dosent work

I forgot to update the Talent for AOE macro. You need to update it. I’ll do it later.


AOE Macro is fixed.


srry for the question, but when try to import macro, i have only a book in the gse menu and can’t move on action bars. Can i resolve?