GAUPANDA - Patch 10.2.5- Fire Mage Mythic+ Macro

Definitely Good Suggestions, I had it add in macro.

I will edit it later when I get home. Thank you!

I would also recommend disabling the trinkets as that can be controlled from the main GSE options

I Always disable them in 2nd Tab. Thank you for suggestions.

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This is mythic+ macro… :slight_smile:

Macro updated in Original Post- Blazing Barrier now is trigger automatic.

Trinkets Disable- You can go in option and enable them when you need it.

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Thanks for those updates. Do all of the macros throw meteor on CD, and if not, could you make that update? No reason not to throw it automatically

Meteor :comet: in AOE macro. It should be fire at will when Tank do big pull. You can use the Combine Macro with Meteor on Modifier.

Fixed the issue with macro spamming “r”. A Minor typo in macro.

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Hi again mate, tried to delete all macros and reloaded and just got the “MYTHIC+ AOE” again.
It still spams r in chat :slight_smile:

Just a heads up.

I love you´r work <3

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Thank you sir! The macro runs smooth. What are you seeing for DPS numbers on your ST macro? I am simming at 62K (Brand new boosted mage) ST but I am only seeing 50K burst and 45k overall. I am new to gSE since i shattered my arm so the issue is quite possibly me…

I’ll check it again when I get home today. Thank you!

Tab 2- You have to use Pyroblast on Proc

Im sorry should of mentioned that. I am using the proc.

The macro built for 4p. I believe you can pull better when you have 4 pc

Everyone is going to think im a dummy, but what is MS? Im assuming its the speed of the clicks? I usually put a macro on key 1 and press the heck out of it or click the heck out of it. Is there an easier way or an automated way? I notice sometimes I feel like im clicking either to fast or to slow on a macro and im wondering if the required MS is not being met. Best regards and thanks for everything you and the community is pumping out.

MS is Milliseconds. yes how fast clicking the button.

Thanks for letting me know! Do people have an auto click addon that they can set the MS to?

i have a gaming mouse i use special button to fire my macros. Its set to the MS i like

with the last update of gse, i cant see any macro