Yah, I Ust see it… :slight_smile:

Is it no longer updated?

The macro has new update version.

So is that the first post? I tried updating that but does not seem to have changes, your Patreon Word documents also are different than the one here…
Could you maybe update the first post (and even change the title accordingly?) or is the Patreon Word document it (that one seems to not load btw)

i dont know if its me or just normal, but all the builds strings u have posted are outdated, so manually setup is needed i see :smiley:

The Update version is on my Patreon for Now. It is not Yet releasing to the Public. If you are on my Patreon, you have access to it.

Talent Build- there is no Significant changed in the last few patches. You can always manually assign Talent Build accordingly to the images provided above.

Ok so the word docs I downloaded are it …will try them on tonight

why its not working

please give patron details sir! my bm hunter is right at the bottom of dps charts around 44k dps.


Go to P-website, download the latest Version of BM Hunter Macro.

Sorry, new to the forums. What is P-website?

Patreon, basically you ‘sponsor’ them and you get access to a Patreon version…

First, lets me Clear this up about “payment”. There is No Demand of Payment. Everything is Volunteer and Donation because people LOVE my works. Do you think spending countless hours thinking, revising, and tweaking the macros for it to works decently is Worthy of mine time when I can go to work for $50-100 USD an hour is Worthy? All, what I am doing is because of My enthusiasm and hobby for this game.

Second, if you are my Twitch Subscriber- You should have access to Twitch Channel on My D-Community. When you join the Community, the channel is there and you have the access of the Macro that I put in there equally to Tier 1 on the P-Website.

Last, you Need to link your Twitch Account with The D-Community when you Subs, for that it will handle your Role automatically and properly.

If you have any other questions, feel free to DM me on D-Community. I’ll do my best get back to you as soon as I can.

Best Regards,


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Twitch Subscriber get access to my Macro through Twitch Channel as I mentioned above. P-website is another Platform.

Just DM me, I will send you the file on D-Community.

what ms should be used?

@gamers You asked repeating the same question and This kind of question has been given answer many time again and again. You were Trouble Maker on my D-Community Server. I kicked and Banned you. Once again, I do not want to see any type of Nonsense or Gibberish question like this in my Thread. Thank you!


OK i’m gonna jump in.

I know you have been told in other macros and unless you are not reading other macros, at least seen the “Multiple” time it as been said that the MS is what is best for you. Pick a speed and either adjust it up or down based on what works for you.

This will be the last time gonna see you ask this question over and over.

Thank you for letting me take up a lil space on your post @GauPanda


If you want to argue. then do it in a PM. people come here for the macro and talks about it.