general gse update

hello, in the future you can have an addon that really reflects the ideal rotations to 100% of the classes.
for example with proc buff timing of the stack and more?
currently I think the version for bfa is worse than for legion or I’m wrong?
several things like priority keypress etc. do not work.
I hope timothyluke answers, hello and tanks for everything

Been using GnomeSequencer for quite a long time now and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this version in any way what so ever. Personally, I really enjoyed several versions ago when we had to use a text editor on each and every class. Also, I think KeyPress and KeyRelease are working better now than before.

Edit: My ONLY issue with GS of today is that the names disappear sometimes. When I first log in or do a /reload, all of the names of the sequences are there. But after using /gs and closing the window several times, the names go away…kind of annoying when I’m testing several different sequences and want to go back to what I was working on.

I meant to say that currently you must put in the main sequence also the CDs that were first put in keypress or premacrum.
now it will not work anymore and I do not know why.
For example, I’m using hunter beast mastery, and I find it difficult to put in macro spell type barbed shot because of the stacks that increase to 3 and that you should keep up as much as possible. here I mean having improved macros with buff proc readings, and having them especially more precise if you use prioritylist instead of sequential.