Gnomesequencer Fire Macro

Since fire is getting competitive again, I’d like to give it another shot. Would someone be kind enough to help me make a macro for use in Gnomesequencer?

Fire relies too heavily on your crit procs. As far as I know there isn’t any macros IF commands that checks to see if you have a Heating Up proc and without such commands you will be doing very generic bad dps regardless of gear.

I could be horribly mistaken but generally for Caster Class in general there is no 1 button macro that could get you on par the competitive stage (Trust me I tried almost every Caster dps macros out there).

Often what I found was that I would lose a good chunk of dps from the macros casting dots and procs at the wrong time and end up losing about 40~50% dps you would do normally following the rotations.

Just my 2 cents in there.