Go Demonology Go - Larkinized

I ran it at 100 ms and it worked fine - never got stuck or hung up. Try it again and see if it works and if not maybe we can work it out somehow. Good luck!

what are the talents

Just look in the macro, it will be there.

this macro locks up for me for several seconds i dont know why its usually when im tab target8ing but it does on single target too

Its because of the cast sequence. If its already fired Shadowbolt and you pop a spender and have no shards, the next thing to cast is HoG, but you have no shards to spend.

Marcus is correct - if the macro locks it’s because you are trying to cast an ability that requires shards and you don’t have any. When this happens I just cast another Shadow Bolt. I also find that using the Soul Strike talent makes this happen far less often.

not sure if it’s something i’m doing wrong, or what, but unless this is meant for an older version of gse then it won’t import into gse 3.0. would someone be kind enough to format/fix it so that it can be imported into gse 3.0? i haev no idea how to do it as i’m a gse newbie. thanks!

Yo m8, just imported this on a brand new char. GSE V.3.0.60 and it all worked fine. Are you sure you imported the macro the right way? Did you get any error messeges?

i clicked the copy button on the code on the first post, then went to GSE and clicked import. I pasted the code, then clicked import again. nothing happened. the macro didn’t show up in th window. i even made sure i had enough space for the macro to be saved in the macros window. there was. the only error message i ever got was in the chat window that said this macro was inteded for an older version of GSE and may not work. that was all.

the macro imports just fine for me. i’m not sure what is causing this issue on your GSE.

Yo m8, then it sounds like its something on your side. There are plenty off threads on GSE to read up on it.

It’s fine now. not sure what the issue was. i just uninstalled, then installed it again. seems to be importing fine now. sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries m8, just glad it works for you.

you reminded me that i had the similar issue few months ago, with a diffrent class macro. i’m sorry i forgot and didnt suggest this option.

hello thanks for the macro, I modified it I removed demonic tyrant evocation and macroed the high fae coven so that I use cd + trinket with specific pulls to maximize damage

well now that i installed this one, notice its doing the best out of all the Warlock specs. very good job @Larkinized

I have a question: Why don’t you utilize Mortal Coil instead of Darkfury? I tend to use Mortal Coil to help me fear mobs away so eloquently and most of the other talent setups I’ve looked at show all of the ones I looked at using Mortal Coil instead of Darkfury. I really would like to understand your reasoning for this.

Update: I’ve just spent 20 minutes at the training dummies in Shadowlands and unfortunately I was unable to get your macro to work very well. I used the same talents you recommended and tried to use it as I would out in the world, it failed miserably. I have no idea why but its not working for me at all. The most dps I got was 1.5 out of it which is horrible.

Yo m8, im running Darkfury for better control in M+, but your free to run what ever you like. About your dps, thats depends on your gear and stats. Whitout knowing this no one can tell you if your numbers are right on the money or something is wrong with it.

Cool ty ty m8, glad it worked out for you. Stay strong.

i used your macro and made some changes to try automatic Demonbolts.
In beginning i had a few hardcasts but after that it just pumped on.
Talents: 1111232
My stats are as follows:

I dont know how to upload it with a string but i made a screenshot so you can see.

Dont know if this is working for you all but for me it just casts and doesnt do any hickups.
Test it and see if you wanna be super lazy :slight_smile:
Below is 10 min on Raid dummy 3.8k DPS and i sim 5k but with a crit buff i cant figure out how to remove. Pretty decent for auto on this tricky Lock.

Best Regards