GS-E Elemential 7.0.3

Sequences['Shamele'] = {
specID = 263,
author = "andy",
helpTxt = "2111331",
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
"/castsequence Flame Shock,Frost Shock,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Frost Shock,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Earth Shock,Frost Shock",
"/castsequence [combat,nochanneling] reset=8 Lava Burst",
"/castsequence [combat,nochanneling] reset=12 Elemental Blast",
"/castsequence [combat,nochanneling] reset=30 IceFury",
"/castsequence [combat,nochanneling] reset=180 Ascendance",
PostMacro = [[

This is one I just wrote today. I’m not very familiar with the spec, so I wanted you guys to give me some feedback. Thank you all!!