GS Prot Warr 2016/06/05

here is my macro for the prot warrior

talents: 2/1/1/2/3/3/3 i use addon

the errorfilter is so it dosent spam stuff :slight_smile:

Sequences['Warrprot'] = { 
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
	'/cast Revenge',
	'/cast [combat] Berserker Rage',
	'/cast devastate',
	'/cast [combat]Bloodbath',
	'/cast Execute',	
	'/cast Shield Slam',		
PostMacro = [[
/cast Shield Slam

what are your talents and glyphs

updated the first post with it :slight_smile: my glyths are: Major: Shield Slam, Enrage generation, unending hunger
Minor: intimidating shouts. the other 2 dosent matter as its cosmetics

Hey!!! guy when I write this macro, it does not work, only the text appears by chatting, you can help me thanks

please use notepad++ or change ‘ to ’