GSE 2 vs 3 onward


I am a casual wow gamer 50+ ( have 5 kids and wife) been playing WoW since classic beta but with couple of breaks. Last couple of years I have been playng almost every night ( stress relief :slight_smile: )
Anyway… I am using GSE 2.5.61 and been happy with it in Shadowlands I am BM and almost top dps BM in raids H and M

Now my question…
Why should I change to GSE 3 and will there be a GSE 2 support for Dragonflight?

At the moment my macro is top notch and I don’t want to change it or is it because the new talent-tree I need to change to GSE 3.x ?

Your GSE2 simply won’t work with Dragonflight and no there will never be another version of GSE2.