GSE and Makro Trouble, doesnt Work. Need Help

Hello, I am new here and have a question. If I use the GSE, and then import a macro from here, that works fine, but if I then drag the macro into my UI from WoW, and then hit the key, for example, key 5 does not happen at all. I’m desperate. I have also watched videos on YouTube, and there was no problem. I hope you can help me.
Ps: Sorry for the bad English

I’m having the same problem. Macro imports fine but after I put it onto my bars, it doesn’t work. Please help, a fix would be much appreciated.

does the icon you are trying to drag have a picture of a question mark or a book?

As Elfyau says, the icon needs to be a ? not a book looking icon, is it is a book then open up GSE options again and make sure the macro is selected and click the ‘Create Icon’ button and it should change to a ?

Then you drag that icon onto your action bar and also make sure your key bindings are correct

Also to be noted: You need to hit the button more than once. WoW doesnt have an “auto” mode where you hit the macro and it just runs. Macros can only perform one action per press. There are third party solutions to these but they are a different question.

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