GSE Documentation

Sorry folks, maybe this is a stupid question.
I can’t seem to find documentation on GSE2

What I was trying to do:
Monk, Use “Fist of the White Tiger” or “Tiger Palm” if former is on cooldown

created macro with priority list step function with following in sequence:
/cast Fist of the White Tiger
/cast Tiger Palm

but it works really weird:

  • it casts “Fist of the White Tiger”
  • goes to “Fist of the White Tiger” cooldown"
  • and to force it to cast “Tiger Palm” I have to press it twice…

can someone please help?
thanks =)

your trying to do 2 things so you have to press it 2 times gse does not try to do all at once it does one line at a time

I was kinda expected it to cast first ability on first use
and then second ability on second use…

anyhow, any advise on if… then… else… constructions?

if you have the macro set to sequence it will try to cast first line then second line on each press

how do I create a macro which will cast ability 1 if it’s of cooldown. or ability 2 otherwise?


Simple answer - You Can’t.

Longer answer - mods and macros are prevented from being able to ACT on this information. Mods can either SEE or they can ACT they can’t do both. You have to work around this to achieve what you are after - and by that I mean deliberately know that clicking this ability to move it to the next - that line will fail as it’s on cooldown but the next one will work. To do this a number of people wrote their macro to take this into account and “spam” their macro so that it will work for them.

In the same way a mod or macro cannot tell if a proc has happened or that it is the right time to cast a particular spell. It has not ability to perform an if/then consideration beyond simple things like “if alt is held down then” or “if I have this talent then” or “if I’m
In combat then”.

It can’t do if the mob has less than 20% health then … now for pallies and warriors and hunters their execute like ability won’t work so you throw it in knowing it will become active when it can. This technique doesn’t work for Shadow Priests where using SW:D has other consequences.

Is there a way to reset a macro after, say, 30 seconds?


The things a macro is allowed to see in combat is - what commands does it have and simple math to navigate that list.

Understood, thanks.

How do I reset it like:

/cast Fist of the White Tiger #cast this on first use
/cast Tiger Palm #cat this one on second use
/reset #reset the state, can’t figure out this one

You can’t - there is no auto reset. You have to work with this fact and use it to your advantage because at the end it will return to the beginning as it is a continual loop.

I would suggest looking at some of the existing monk ones and use them to see what they are doing and how.

Having said that GSE has the ability to manually reset but you have to use a key combo with your macro to do that.