GSE does not update to new Version

Hello Together !

I’m new here but have been using GSE for a while.

I am currently using version 3.0.74. For a few days I’ve been trying to install the current version 3.1.06 from, which unfortunately doesn’t work. If I simply copy the new version over the old one in the addon folder, the old version number is still displayed ingame and newer macros point me to the outdated GSE version. If I delete GSE from the addon folder and reinstall 3.1.06, GSE is not recognized by the game at all.
Can someone explain to me here what I’m doing wrong, or are files missing on Curse?
Many thanks in advance


Save your GSE.lua and GSE lua back files, then copy paste fresh on \addons


If the old version number is being displayed you aren’t installing it the correct location.

I’m the zip file are three folders - GSE, GSE_GUI and GSE_LDB these need to go at the root of the Addons folder eg c:\path\to\wow\version\interface\addons\GSE and c:\path\to\wow\version\interface\addons\GSE_GUI etc. not c:\path\to\wow\version\interface\addons\GSE\GSE or c:\path\to\wow\version\interface\addons\GSE\GSE_GuI etc

If instead you are putting them at a different place or sub folder they won’t be loaded by WoW and the existing files instead at this location will be loaded instead.

Hello :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help, unfortunately neither helped. But now I was able to solve the problem. Presumably responsible files were read-only, which is why copying them didn’t help. Maybe it was the recent upgrade to Win11. Anyway, I backed up the entire interface folder and then deleted it. After a restart of WoW only the latest GSE version was installed and this was then also recognized by the game. Then I copied all the other addons back and now everything is as it should be.
Many Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for the bad english, i´m little bit older and Mr. Google Translator is helping a little bit :wink: