GSE: [inrange] feature


Thank you for all your hardwork Timothy & team, we really do appreciate it!

I’d like to request a feature that would check if a target is within range before trying to execute a spell. I’ve been using GSE for a while now and one thing that really freaks me out (and other party members) is when the target exits my line of sight and my character is jumping up and down every 50ms lol.

For example, something like this.

/cast [nochanneling,inrange] Schism


Unfortunately it is impossible. All the mods that exist eg [combat] etc are defined by Blizzard and they explicitly removed that and blocked it a couple of expansions ago.

thanks for the reply, that’s a shame - I understand the point made that it cannot be directly implemented within the blizzard macro logic, how about externally within the GSE internal function/weakaura integration?

here’s a couple of addon/weakaura that achieve similar things

thanks man

All the WA integration is, is a bucket to put other WA’s into for convenience.

GSE and WA live in two separate worlds and can’t speak to each other. WA lives outside the combat sandbox so can see things but not act on them. It can only alert you to the situation.

GSE lives inside the combat sandbox. This means it can act but it cant see anything. It also can only talk to things inside the combat sandbox.

appreciate the replies! have a good one evening bud, big love