GSE locking up mid dungeons!

I’ve been using GSE for a very long time now and I’ve recently for the last couple of months encountered an issue when raiding or running dungeons or any content that is heavily dependent on GSE during combat. My DPS goes from very high to nothing as sometime during the fight it locks up and is just auto-attacking as if I am pressing no buttons. I have to do a /reload for it to start working again and is becoming hell as I can’t keep doing this when running M+ dungeons. Has anyone run into this and if so is there a solution?

THanks ahead of time.

Something in your UI is breaking the hidden button that GSE stub macros click. Based on how fragile the Suzi is now with any GUI addons like ElvUI I can’t tell you what you need to do to fix it. This is something you are going to have to look at yourself as it’s unique to each computer and the mix of addons you have.

What I can tell you though is that if you delete icon and create icon it’s a lot faster to recover than a /reload

been having issues with macros with repeaters resetting the intervals to 1 whenever i reedit the macro

Thank you for the reply. I’ll poke around one day by disabling all the addons then play the game turning them all back on one at a time over a span of a few to see which one might be causing it to choke up. Thank you for making this addon btw. It’s my favorite addon. I never ever play WoW without it ever again.

Have you considered using ChatGPT 4 integration to auto-build Macros from text prompts? The future is bright!