GSE Masterclass - Friday September 25

With Shadowlands coming out and a number of significant changes to GSE, I am going to hold a live workshop. The following will be covered:

  1. Writing and Editing Macros
  2. How to tune your macro or someone elses
  3. The mysteries of MS
  4. Things that don’t work the way everyone expects.

This will be held on at the following local Times:

New York: Friday 9:30pm
London: Saturday 2:30am
Sydney: Saturday 11:30am

This will be interactive. Feel free to ask questions. I will probably cut this up into smaller reference video segments in the future.


Never mind I’m a dunce. Disregard.

Video of the class is available at:


what changes in essence with shadowland? unfortunately not knowing the language I could not follow the video and wanted to know about the changes

Thank you for the Video @TimothyLuke!
I’ve watched it as VOD :slight_smile: Did not know it is a bad idea to run the macros faster than 100ms! right now I run almost all at 35ms… Normally I try several different ms and pick the best one for me…

So I’ve tried to optimize a random macro which is posted on the Forum but could not get it good for me @100ms.
Maybe you can make a Video on how a Newbe like me should handle macros from other peoples.

As well I did try to make an own macro by looking up a rotation at icy-veins but this was even worse. :smiley: From your explanations you need to paste the Rotation and add “/click pause x” if necessary. I figured out, that this would not be that easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward for more Videos/guides :bowing_man:

you can have an answer???

@serpione it took me 1 hour 20 to talk about the changes. I’m not going to type it. One will take many hours and two will be larger than what the post limit allows. If you read GSE’s patch notes and issues they are all documented.

where do i find gse changes for shadowlnad?