GSE Not Firing Only Blizzard Dragged Macros

A similar topic is posted elsewhere. This is different enough that I’m posting this.

After a macro has been dragged from the GS window (showing the question mark) and dropped onto an ActionKey, activating the key (macro) doesn’t work.

Ex. I drag a GS macro button (question mark) to the actionkey. My activate (mousewheel click) does nothing. The bar cycles a bit but otherwise nothing.

Ex 2: I drag a macro from the Blizzard macro box (“/m”) and it works perfectly on mousewheel spin.

In other words, I can drag direct Blizzard UI buttons to a button and they work. Buttons dragged from GSE window do nothing but appear to cycle.

Blizzard changes how to /click command which GSE Depends on operates. To make this work there are some config things you need to be aware of. Details are here:

Also not this depends on a particular setting which ElvUI disables on login so if you are using that you will need to make some choices for yourself.

Thank you! I used your words about flipping the Up or Down flags.

It’s working now.

I’ll read your article a few more times.

Bingo! Thanks for posting, it works now.