GSE not working on some characters with lower level

Hello all,

I would like to ask, I started using GSE mod about week ago. First I started using it on my BM hunter lvl 29 and it works like a charm. But then I tried my other chars and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

For example my Destro Warlock lvl 25 does work half way as it never uses Chaos bolt. And now my biggest issue is that when I start a new character the addon usally doesnt work even till 15 lvl.
Now I intend to play Frost DK which is 13 lvl now, and the addon still does not work.

So the question is, if there is some intended level since it should work or I am doing something wrong. Also please note that I am absolute noob, in terms of macros so I am using the default Lutechii macros, which were present on installation of GSE.

Thank you very much

hello, so pretty much all the macros made here are for lvl 50+. sometime a macro will work for lvl 15+, if your lucky. you dont have most of the spells the macro uses in lower lvls, so the ones you do have that are part of the macro shoot off less frequently.

i usually dont start using a macro til about lvl 20+. so i have a few of the spells needed to make it work

Short answer: you need different macros.

Longer answer: if you have macros like Lutechi’s AIO macros these won’t work until you are 50+ as they will hang due to the use of castsequence lines where they won’t progress until you “know” the spell in the castsequence.

For levelling I would just put all the spells on /cast lines and then let it play whack a mole.

Okay so If I understand correctly, I will make my own macro with the spells in line that I think are okay and when I hit higher lvl (like 50+) then I can use the Lutechi ones) Also is there any way to put the name of the spells instead of writing them down? Like some click on the spell that would then appear as text when I make the macro?

Thank you very much guys

When I’m leveling I create another Tab so I have two of them. The first one I use as the leveling part by taking out the spells/abilities I don’t have then adding in the spells/abilities from the second by copy/pasting the ones you need when you level up.