GSE Priority System - Broken?

I’ve been a long time GS user, and as of late been playing my boomy using GSE. Since boomy really can’t be played properly with a one button, the priority system didn’t phase me too much. Since the impact of casting a lunar strike or solar wrath over the current version of new moon isn’t overly detrimental, I’ve just ignored the priority casting issues.

However I’m dabbling with a ret pally and now the skips impact dps far greater. Even more so if you have the legendary cloak and you need that spender to cast within a tiny window. In order, the ret priority should be Judgment, Spender, Builder. However often times GSE is casting builders when judgment or a spender is available (and yes, it’s a prio macro). And with Lust or other haste buffs, it can take GSE 2-4 GCDs before it finally finds the top of the /cast list.

The only way to “some what” improve this is to really slow down the repeat of the keypress, to the point that the GCD has ended and no /cast is queued when the GCD is up. Even at that, sometimes the macro will open with the fourth or fifth /cast instead of the top (with everything on cooldown).

I love GSE and respect the time invested. I feel like old GS was better than GSE when it comes to priority casts though? I’d prefer to use GSE because the in game GUI is great!