GSE sadly not working since SL

I’ve read through old posts to try and get it functioning. I’ve deleted GSE from the addons folder several times and reinstalled. Deleted all the old sequences from GSE. Installed a new one from GAUPANDA_HAVOC for DHs. The icon cycles through when pushed in wow, but no action is taken. Any help would be appreciated. Really have enjoyed GSE for years so far.

Try deleting the saved variables folder as a last resort Progrm files > World of Warcraft > WTF> Account > AccountName > Saved Variables > Delete all GSE named ones.

Also make sure you are running

This is covered in GSE’s wiki on GitHub — ActionButtonKeyDown or ActionButtonKeyUp and Why this matters Macro Cycling not firing · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub

The key up and key down defining worked. Thanks so much. GSE is sooo helpful. Thank you!