GSE WeakAuras section

Time is precious to all of you, I have been using GSE for a long time and I like it, I want to ask the developer a question, please tell me why the WeakAuras section is in GSE, what it is needed for, what can be done in it, how it will affect the macro.

help you here and add @TimothyLuke to this so he will actually come read your question.

now for my answer: Macro creators can add any WA that they use that enhances the macro in that section of GSE.

I used the search button above

From there I found a post from me asking for feedback. It was the third in the list of search results.

That post contained a link to the change in GSE which documented the feature

Good time to everyone, thank you for your answers, but I have a couple more questions. Can I make it so that the gse knows WeakAuras when to press a particular spell, for example, to interrupt spells, or to use Rip - Spell - World of Warcraft When do I have 5 combo points?

no GSE doesnt work like that. The WA section is just for info and if you want the WA, it will load it into the WA addon.

I understand you well. Look at this video in it, he says that his addon works with WA and understands when to press a certain spell, the prince of his addon is the same as GSE, I think GSE can also do this, do you think it’s possible with GSE or not? Installation addon One button Combat Routines for WoW Official Retail/Classic/SOM/TBC - YouTube

Personally, I think it’s a bot and it’s banned. what is your opinion on this ?

unfortunatly i dont know what he is saying, so not sure what he is doing in that video.

but if you go to the WA tab and put in (or if there is a WA already in it) a WA code. all you can do is 1. save the codes you want to pass on to people that use the macro and 2. load the WA code into your WA addon, so you will have the WA to use.

once its loaded, its up to you to pay attention to the WA warning to do what needs to be done.

that person is using a botting type of program from what i can tell from the video.

OK I get you, I assumed it was a bot.