GSE works, but doesn't work

So, I have a lot of toons…I have 3 accounts currently, and on acct 1 and 3, GSE works just fine. But for some strange reason, on acct 2, even with no other addon enabled, I cannot get GSE to work at all. The action button changes the spells ok but the character does not do any spells unless I manually click the spell itself. Any ideas?

Same here but mine is all on same account. It works on a couple but not all.

so, this turned out to be a simple fix after I did way too much beforehand. Yes, I did a “scan and repair” of the game
on blizznet; that resulted in me getting caught in a loop of scans for hours till I ended up uninstalling WOW and reinstalling… Suffice it to say, I wanted what I wanted and I wanted it now durn it! I didn’t read all the forums first; wish I had as the answer [at least in for me] was in there. All I needed to do was to open the macro which I found in my personal macros for each toon and change where it says [button 1] to [nobutton 1]. Unfortunately, I have to do that on all toons but at least GSE works again!