GSE3 Any help would be appreciated

Any help would be appreciated I suffer from ms and have fine motor issues so I really cant play without this addon . I have multiple toons ive written addons for and many of them no longer work . I always used Priority lists and am finding that they are no longer working is it possible to still use priority list macros ?

Hi @Gearbox1978

Quoting Timothy:

Everything is sequential by default. To get priority you create a loop Block and change the loop’s Step Function to priority. You can also have multiple loops with different step functions and loops within loops.

Hey @Gearbox1978

I hear you mate, i struggled with the transition myself, but now I’ve got used to it, it reall isn’t that bad.

Add a loop, and add actions to that loop, you can then choose for this loop to be sequential or priority list. I’ve started using loops to replace /castsequence, as I like how you can use variables inbetween each one. You can also choose how many times the loop will run.

This picture from @TimothyLuke helped me understand the new layout. KeyPress and KeyRelease have been replaced with variables which can be added at the bottom.

There is also a compiled template button, which will display a window to the right to show you each step of the macro you’ve made.

Feel free to send me a PM, with an image of the macro you’d like converting over, and ill be happy to have a go - or add me on discord Bam#3018 and I’d be happy to try and help.


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For now, nothing forces you to update, stay on GSE2 until everything settles, then move if you feel the need. The game didn’t change this addon did.