GSSE only working on 1 char


I have 2 chars that I use GSSE with and recently it has stopped working for one but works ok on the other

I checked the addons and both are loading the same

I tried just loading GSSE addon on the char it wasn’t working and it still didn’t work

Any ideas?

I am having a similar problem. GSE works on all my toons except my mage. I can make the macro or import one, make the icon. but it just will not execute the sequence.

Found this, and it worked for me.

[quote quote=47630]/gs resetoptions

This got my macros working:

Thank you.

Cut and paste of the lines:
/run GSELibrary[0][“MacroName”] = nil
/gs resetoptions

Got me back up and running.

Appreciate your work and interaction with us.

Best Wishes