GSSE Works, but editor doesn't

So I’ve had this issue for awhile. Hasn’t really been a big deal since I just copy the macros and add them into the mymacros addon, but figured I’d bring it up.

GSSE works in the sense that macros are loaded when I /macro, but if I type /gsse it gives the typical response for not having the right command. I have the addon installed and it shows installed and enabled in the macro list.

Probably worth noting this has persisted through an uninstall/reinstall.

Sounds like you have installed GnomeSequencer not GnomeSequencer-Enhanced.

Have to ask though - When you login do you get at least two messages - one about GS-E and typing /GS help to get started and one about the Sequence Editor?

Outside of that please disable everything except the following:


Do you get an error. If so what is the error?

Please also tell me which version you have installed.

Why disable everything? Mods like ElvUI hide startup errors. Reducing back to these two allows you to verify where the cause is and what it is.