In an effort to keep many up and running as quick as possible, I’ve been working on some quick start macros
on as many classes as I can.

I don’t expect these to be optimal yet just to get things going from the Launch of BFA, they all work for me
feel free to try and leave feedback, although I don’t intend to change anything until live or if they change a class drastically.
I don’t mind you using these as a foundation for your own macro just some praise ???

the new GSE uses a code string now for ease of importing,
these are all tested using bosted 110s in Zulazar no leggos and bottom barrel gear so may perform better

will try and keep iron fur up as much as possible, other bigger CDs to be done maunally as needed

mod alt for mangle procs

Im hoping some proper bear tanks give me some feedback as I’m not to clued in on this spec yet

Talents 1321313

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.00.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Moonfire

KeyPress: Mangle

Main Sequence: Bear Form, Pulverize, Ironfur, Thrash, Swipe, Mangle, Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc, Frenzied Regeneration

says this same as feral 1 wants me to compare the 2

Tim is using this as part of the Sample macros so that’s probably why its asking for the comparison,
I did reupload the feral one again to test something see if that works

Tim is using this as part of the Sample macros so that’s probably why its asking for the comparison,
I did reupload the feral one again to test something see if that works

Tim is using this as part of the Sample macros so that’s probably why its asking for the comparison,
I did reupload the feral one again to test something see if that works

sorry didnt use that and i deleted your feral , and tried the guardian ,still coming up as feral

If you’re using beta 10 you now need to update to beta 11 as there was a small issue with the code which might be causing what you’re seeing.

just to be safe I updated the op with another string hopefully it should be guardian

my import has spell ids (eg 9581) and doesn’t run till I manually switch them to spell names (Moonfire) again.

might just be user error and I’m doing something wrong but thought id mention it

also would be nice to see the macro before the import so we can check the code to see if it fits our needs

are you running the latest beta version of GSE build 11,

as for part 2 I may do so when it gets to live or even PTR as things are starting to change week by week for some classes, and I am only 1 human soo…

OP macro updated for beta 12 build of GSE. which is also fine for PTR
IF you are getting spell ids and macro not working, then you have updated GSE incorrectly not my macro problem

This is not designed to work on live until prepatch hits.

All Major CD’s are to be placed separate. Please note this is not the current optimal build on BFA beta however it is able to keep up Ironfur 100% of the time after it’s initial application.

If you want to run the optimal build(1211211) on beta currently Ironfur will drop off with this macro, you will do a small amount more damage. Love your healer and stick with my talent setup ;).

After more haste is gained you’ll be able to run 121111 for more self healing. Unsure at this time what the haste value is to be reached. Currently I sit at 15% and it is not achievable.

BFA BETA Macro only
Talents: 221111