Guardian Updated 06/21/19

AHK: 75 ms

Stat Priority: Armor/Agility/Stamina, Mastery, Versatility, Haste, Critical Strike.

Talents: 2311231


Feral Macro: New Feral Updated: 06/17/19
Blood DK: Blood DK Updated 06/21/19


This macro when imported was a feral cat macro called CATDPS. This is not a Guardian Macro.

Just tried the above macro and its a cat macro

Thanks for the heads up. It is now fixed.

Just tried this macro and it switches me to bear and then it does nothing else.

I just updated. Works completely fine on my end now.

Another update and testing session occurred.

nice macro have testing on dummy raid, uptime ironfur at 100%.
realt testing on lfr or boss world for real effective macro .
tanks for update.

The one at the top, is that the one you have updated?

Yes. The original post gets the update.

Hello, very efficient macro…Thank you! Would you have any idea how and where to put wild charge in it please?
Thank you for your answer

Would not add wild charge as it can lead to situations where it was wasted.

still showing up as cat
edit: updated gse and now it works fine, so efficient, and allows yo0u more control with certain things like FR, and BS, making it more involved

how can i add a modifier to cast frenzied regeneration, its the only thing i dont know hoe to do, with it, it will be perfect! thank you so much for this super simple macro

I didn’t add FR, because it is situational and honestly, the modifier doesn’t work right for me. Sometimes it doesn’t go off if you use a key pressing program.

but here is the code for the modifier.
/cast [mod:alt] Frenzied Regeneration

does it go in main box or the pre macro box, it never fires for me in either situation, and i made sure alt is not bound to anything

Yes. Goes in pre-macro.

this macro stopped working as of this morning, the cat dps seems fine, but the guard spec only spams swipe or thrash, nothing in between

Works fine for me. I made an updated one anyway.