Happy to find this, spamming same button becomes weary.-Need help

Hello wowlazymacros community. Getting everything going was easy. But spamming the same button became weary quickly. I needed it to be easier so i searched around the forums and im noticing people use different keyboard/mouses. It seemed complicated. Please tell me more about those. I also read about ahk and saw that using it as a toggle button to automatically fire the rotation was bannable. Which was unfortunate for me. What i preferrably need is it to be as easy and simple as possible with as little spamming with my effort as possible so i can mostly watch the screen and focus on the movement.

Basically i want it to be very easy with as little spamming from my part as possible so i can focus on the movement. Thanks for your time and please recommend me how you play :smiley:

ITs all about context. Toggle is safe IF you are just using it to push one button and you are present and not AFK playing HOWEVER its still a risk. Hold down macros are safer but still pose a risk. It all comes down to how grumpy the Blizzard Employee is on the day.

@Khylsie what class are you playing? I build specifically for that purpose :slight_smile:

*except I only do melee, with a pvp focus.