Havoc 3211221 - 8.2

Hi All. So I am working on a 3211211 Macro now. I am seeing some serious gains from this change over the AOE macro I was running earlier. Its not AOE focused but Single target Raiding focused and am getting good results so far with it.

Side by side I am parsing over 95% over simmed DPS at the moment.

– Updated 22:10pm 19 Jul 2019 – v1


Usage Information

New Build trying to simulate higher parses and better dps. You will experience downtime where it seems that nothing is happening. This is normal for this build. You should also manage your fury and Beam. Timing beam might be tricky too but thats part of the spec and build
Running it at 30ms
Essence: Concentrated Flame
Holding Shift: Eye Beam
Holding Ctrl: Meta
Holding Alt: Glaive During Downtime

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.07.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Throw Glaive, Metamorphosis, Eye Beam

Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Concentrated Flame, Felblade, Chaos Strike

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Sure there is an interest, i just saw that high end players play it now https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/rankings/23#class=DemonHunter

That was the exact reason i switched. on uu’nat last night i did 27k sustained dps with 416ilvl.
On the previous build i was avging at around 22k. Will see that I finish it up tonight and post it in a few hours

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uhhh… any chance of a link for this macro… that might be helpful for those of us that would like to try it… thanks…

Pls Post your macro here.

When will you post it?
Also dont forget to tell us the essences you’re using and the azerite traits.

If you can post that would be awesome!

Updated OP with code.


I’ll post a feedback when i try any raid next time with my dh.

wow i love this one , increased my dps alot tnx !

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Not sure but for me when I hold down shift it jumps into meta - eye beam is on neither of the mentioned modifiers?

To clarify - meta is on shift for me, CTRL does nothing and alt throws glaives as it’s suppose to do

hey from where to set ms?

Not possible. If meta is on Shift you are not running my macro.

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You need to set a key repeat on AHK or on Razor synapses etc

Uploaded this video showcasing keyboard clicks and the actual macro.
I am running yours. :slight_smile:

delete alt/shift from esc->keybind

I suppose that was directed at me? Shift alone is not bound to anything, only have modifiers on it such as Shift + F, shift + 1 , 2, E etcetc - nor is alt bound to anything either. Alt works, it’s the CTRL modifier not working

“CTRL+” use in pet panel

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Its definately related to your keybinds. Change the macro from 1 to 9 or 0 and see what happens

Can someone actually tell me how do i add this macro ?
Im total noob in macros and would like some help. Thanks!